The story

I bought this kart from a cousin of my wife.  She and her husband wanted to get into kart racing and bought it at a motorcycle dealer.  They found out it was the wrong type of kart, they needed sprint karts so the Rupp went into the corner of the garage and sat there for almost forty years.

At first I wanted to put engines on it and run it at vintage enduro events but I soon realized it is NOS, never been completely assembled, not even had engines on it.  I took it to the 2012 Quincy Vintage event to show some friends and for giggles I put it in the kart show.  I had been advised not to clean it, just leave the dust on it.  Much to my surprise it won best unrestored original sidewinder even with all that dust on it.  It was nice to hear so many people thank me for bringing it, people really appreciated how rare it is.

People also wanted to know what I was going to do with it.  Keep it, sell it?  For now I'm not really looking for a buyer, I'm enjoying having it in my shop. 

Below are some pictures of the kart as I got it.

For now it hangs in my shop.

Serial number

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